Ystad IndustriesRoland Andersson is the manager

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Ystad Industries

Roland Andersson is the manager of the Ekland Division of Ystad Industries. He is one of several managers being considered for position of CEO, as the current CEO is retiring in a year.

All divisions use standard absorption costing. The division has the capacity to produce 50,000 units a quater and quarterly fixed overhead amounts to $500,000. Variable production cost is $45 per unit. Roland has been looking at the report for the first three months of the year and is not happy with the results.

Ekland Division

Income Statement

For the Quarter Ending March 31, 2012

Production: 25,000 units

Sales (25,000 units)


Cost of goods sold

Beginning inventory (10,000 units)


Production costs applied




Less ending inventory



Gross profit


Selling & general expenses


Net income


The sales forecast for the second quarter is 25,000 units. Roland had budgeted second quarter production at 25,000 units but changes it to 50,000 units, which is total capacity for a quarter. The sales forecasts for each of the last two quarters of the year are also 25,000 units. Costs incurred in the second quarter are the same as budgeted, based on 50,000 units of production.


Convert the Ekland absorption income statement to a contribution margin income statement for the first quarter..accountingformanagement.com/income_comparison_of_variable_and_absorption_costing.htm”>Click here for an example showing how to convert from one approach to another. This example is for guidance only and the numbers have not bearing on the Ekland case.
Prepare absorption and contribution margin income statements for the second quarter for Ekland.
Compute production costs per unit for both approaches and for both years.

Did Roland improve his performance for the second quarter? Indicate the information you used for your assessment.
Can you make any suggestions for reporting in the future?
Do you think Roland should be seriously considered for the CEO position? Why or why not?
Discuss three shortcomings of the absorption approach for internal decision-making.

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