You must read a chapter in order to do the paper.

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Due by Sun 28 Feb 2016 by 5 pm (Pacific Time Zone).


Crime & Media


A weekly journal of what you watch on television, read in the newspaper, or see in the movies that is related to ANY aspect of the criminal justice system. English News!


You MUST do all of the following:


  • Read the attached files (Chapter 8) just one chapter – about 15 pages of reading. ONE chapter divided in 2 pdf files for the size.
  • Make sure you READ. YOU HAVE TO READ. or you will refund!
  • Use SOME of the “key terms in the chapter in you writing. Which you have to read and understand them all in order to write.
  • Go to the big news network (Think newspapers, television news, internet, etc)  then look for something in the media (crime) related to your reading. Just one crime/news. 
  • what is the crime? summariez what happened, CITE the crime, Just one crime in the media and
  • what statements are being made about the CJS. 
  • See the attachment, relate the content in the pdf files to the journal in somehow
  • There is a sample, see it, try to make it looks alike, the idea.
  • MUST cite your reference.
  • More than 300+ words in content.

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