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  • Prompt: This is a continued writing assignment of Company Profile project, complete the Company Profile – Section 3 – Organizational Analysis (D, E). 
  • Requirements: No more than 6 full content pages (excluding title/reference page and graphs/tables)

D. Strengths. A thorough review of company strengths should be developed. 

May include (examples): 

1. Adequate financial resources 

2. A good reputation 

3. Being the recognized market leader 

4. Economies of scale 

5. Proprietary technology 

6. Product innovation and development skills 

7. Proven management 

E. Weaknesses. A thorough list of company weaknesses should be developed. May include (examples): 

1. Lack of strategic direction 

7. Obsolete facilities 

8. Poor profitability because of 

9. Lack of managerial talent 

10. Too narrow a product line 

11. Inadequate product innovation and development 

12. Poor financial resources 

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