Write a program that sorts a list of 4 different values integer

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Your main() function will call an input function (to input the numbers), a sorting function (to sort the numbers), and output function (to display the results sorted numbers).  Accordingly passing any values as needed between all functions.  


Write one input function to input one number, returning that value via the return statement to the calling function.  You will need to call this function 4 times to get all 4 values. (no reference parameters, pass by value parameters are okay, int function type).


Write a sort function that sorts the 4 numbers from least to greatest.  You may want to also use the swap function at the end of 9/16/2015 lecture to help. (must use reference parameters, no pass by value parameters, void function type)


Write an output function to display the numbers sorted.  (pasa by value parameters, void function type)


Example program run:

This program will sort four numbers, from smallest value to the largest.  When prompted, please enter four numbers.


Please Enter Number 1: 44

Please Enter Number 2: 33

Please Enter Number 3: 22

Please Enter Number 4: 11


The Numbers Ordered: 11, 22, 33, 44.

Grading criteria: 20 pts.

   no global variables

   program must use a function with reference parameters,

   program must use a function that returns a value with a return statement

   program must be indented correctly,

   use meaningful variable and function names,

   produce correct output,

   use comments at beginning,

   use comments for each program component,

   use comments for each function

   print user instructions out

   use comments throughout to document what is happening.

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Due date Thursday, September 24, 2015, 11:55 PM
Time remaining 7 hours 54 mins
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