Write a lab report about e.coli

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Write a lab report about e.coli

i have all the details. you have to write 7 pages and use them. if you have written lab reports before contact me. details are in the text + photos. instructions are there too ( first three photos).

unknown number 26, e.coli

Description: Length 35um, width 55 um

gram negative bacteria, two tiny black dots in it

looks like an island with a smaller island surrounding it. irregular and spreading  morphology and irregular margins. viewed at 1000x

. ferments lactose.

reacts to triptofan. splattered shape.

procedures done:

Aseptic and pure culture technique: google them and write the steps.

Agar smeering ( check for scientific name)

oxygen test

Ph check

osmotic pressure



urea check

mconckey agar

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