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i need to write a bio, follow my resume, and also this about me

Family and animal lover, 

very close to the community, volunteer member of Feeding south florida and LGBT Chamber of Commerce Hollywood Florida

Senior Business Banker, strong experience on business lending and business consulting.

My values, I stand for integrity and honesty, always doing whats right for my peeple within the guidelines. 

Open my own accounting firm 3 years ago with the purpose to educate and help the Miami Gay Community. 

Since little i expressed passion for numbers, wining many algebra contests.

Expert on QuickBooks Online, Intuit and ADP Payroll, Sales Tax, 

worked with several tax softwares such as H&R Block, TaxSLayer, TurboTax, Proseries


I’ve spent the last 12 years learning everything there is to know about the Business Consulting industry – from ____ to ____. I’m currently applying this knowledge in my role as Public Accountant for Ribot Business Solutions, where I’m responsible for ____, ____, and ____.

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