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Environment Day is a special day to condition of environment. It is important that every age of person should contribute and plays a very important role for creating the awareness. As I mentioned above that Environment Day is celebrated each year on 5th June. It is considered to be the most special and important day introduced by United Nations. Now the question is that what people do on this special day?

I would like to mention that Environment Day is celebrated in different ways in many countries such as Kenya, New Zealand, Poland, United States and many other countries. Major and important activities that are held on this day are street rallies, parades, concerts, conferences, seminars, tree planting etc. In different countries, this special day is celebrated for enhancing the attention towards improving the environment.

World Environment Day is considered to be public holidays so on this day the public day or life is not affected. Now we would like to discuss the background of Environment Day. Firstly, I would like to discuss that Environment Day was established or introduced by United Nations in 1972. The main and important colors included for the promotion of this day are national colors that show nature, the earth and different natural resources. These natural colors are green, blue, brown.

Moreover, images of earth features like snowy mountains, clean beaches, natural flora as well as fauna also shows the symbols of Environment Day. On the whole after discussing the importance and significance of Environment Day I would like to conclude that this day is celebrated on the larger scale worldwide. In order to enhance the importance of this day, it is the responsibility of every country to arrange different activities for creating the awareness.

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