wk6: devotion, wk7: devotion, wk8: devotion

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Wk6: DevotionRead Matthew 5: 3-10 (use any version of the Bible).

These verses are widely known as “The Beatitudes.”  Consider the application of these verses in the workplace. In what ways can they be implemented in leadership knowledge in governing in the business industry today? Post by Day 5 in 75-125 words 


Wk7: Devotion

Wk7: DevotionRead Romans 13:1-5 (use any version of the Bible). 
In these verses, the theme is that of “Submission to Governing Authorities,” which can sometimes conflict with workplace policy and ethnics.  As a leader in an organization, what are some of the possible conflicting situations you may encounter, how would you resolve them, and what would be the deciding factor in determining how you would resolve these conflicts in the business industry today? Post by Day 5 in 75-125 words 


Wk8: Devotion

Wk8: DevotionRead Philippians 4:8 (use any version of the Bible). 
We read in Philippians the importance of achieving excellence in all that we do in our continuing development of holiness.  As a leader, how can you be committed to achieving excellence in the workplace and, at the same time, balancing your faith? Post by Day 5 in 75-125 words.  

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