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From the perspective of the CEO or Chief Medical Officer of the clinic, how would you respond to the questions or concerns your peers’ addressed below ? 

As a consumer not knowing anything about Integrative Medicine or CAM. I believe I would want to know what it is first and foremost. Once I had an explanation as to what CAM and Integrative Medicine are I would want to know the following?

·         How will I benefit from using CAM in conjunction with my regular treatment?

·         How well trained are the CAM providers? (US news)

·         Are these intended CAM therapies proven to be successful? (US news)

·         Is the CAM therapy going to interfere with my regular treatment?

·         What can I expect from the CAM therapies?

·         Are there any down falls with using CAM therapy?

·         What will it cost? Will my insurance cover it?

·         Do I have to use CAM?




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