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Please provide a 100 word response to the below classmate discussion post: 

Applied Ethics in CJ Management provided me information and real life scenarios to help me continue to succeed in my career as well as my personal life.  By reading the articles provided on officers who faced discipline behind noble cause corruption, unethical behavior, and the slippery slope, reassured me to never let the means justify the ends.  No criminal is worth my profession or freedom over if I don’t have all the elements of the crime or legal standing to make an arrest. 

Law enforcement officers these days are under constant scrutiny by everyone and only we as officers can control our own destinies.  Regardless of rank or time on the department, everyone can benefit from this class in order to gain more knowledge and a better understanding on why officers stray from the noble cause.

On a personal level, the above mentioned can also be applied in my everyday life.  Integrity is a word that as brought up often.  Ones integrity is shows people the type of person you are and the standards we hold ourselves to.  If I cannot maintain my integrity, how are people supposed to trust and rely on me on and off the job?      

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