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Aligns to SLO 1

IMPORTANT: You must FIRST create a post to reply to question 1 and 2.  After you have replied to question 1 and 2, you will then be able to see your classmates’ responses.  You will then create a SECOND post to address question 3, where you respond to two of your classmates.

A. PART A – create a post to reply to question 1 and 2:

Do an internet search for “starting your own business legal requirements.”  Spend some time exploring and reading the information on the websites that you find.  Then, create a post with the following:

1. What one piece of legal advice did you find that would be most helpful in starting a new business?  Why?

2. What else did you learn about staring a new business that would help make the business successful?  How can this be used to get your business off to a good start?

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