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1. Click the Start button, click Help and 

Support, and then use one of the 

following methods to locate topics on 

searching for files: 

• In the Windows Help and Support 

window, click the Learn about 

Windows Basics link. Click the 

Working with files and folders 


• In the Windows Help and Support 

window, click the Browse Help 

topics link. Click the Files, folders, 

and libraries link, and then click 

the Working with files and folders 


• In the Search Help box, type 

searching for files and then press 

the Enter key. In the search 

results, click the Working with 

files and folders link.

2. In the In this article section, click the 

Finding files link. Read the topic and 

click any See also or For more 

information links, if necessary, to 

provide the following information: 

a. Where is the Search box located? 

b. Do you need to type the entire file 

name to find a specific file? 

c. How do you create a filter? 

3. Display the contents of the Chapter 8 

folder, and then display the full path 

in the Address bar. (Hint: Click the 

icon in the Address bar.) What is the 

full path? 

4. Write down the method you used to 

locate topics on searching for files 

and your answers to the remaining 


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