Why College Education Is Important to Me Essay

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Why College Education is important to me?, It’s so important to me because it ONE of the most pompous thing you need in this world today to get somewhere in life, and survive so you can support yourselves, and yours kids. When I see the words “College Education” First thing pop up in my Mind is my Mother Smile, able to make her proud!, Not to be worried about her little baby-girl taking on this big world By herself. And to able to give her a little peace of mind that “I can” survive and support myself because I finished my College Education to get a Higher paying job and not Struggle.

Another good reason why College Education is so important to me so I can be a Motivation for my younger sibling also nieces and nephew to see me “FINISHED” College to persuade them to follow in my footsteps to help them in their own lives, and be a inspiration for them, so that one day they realize that its not as hard as some people make it seems, that if you put your mind into it and have faith anything is possible

When I Finished High-school I knew that it wasn’t enough!, I knew a high school diploma wasn’t going to get me so far, but a Job in a fast-food restaurant or a sale clerk at a local store, and maybe a Apartment that I have to work two jobs to just pay all my bills and live, that’s not the life I wanted to choose for myself, so when I think about the words “College Education” I imagine myself working at good paying job with benefits or owning my OWN business, I see myself being a Homeowner and specially when I have kid’s able to pay for them when they go off to college.

I wish kids nowadays in this generation will understand a college education Is very important to achieve your dreams, in order to have better life, because children today need to know with a education you can be ANYTHING in life, they can be the next President of United State Of America if they finished college and have some motivations, so I hope for myself getting my Bachelor Degree in business show my friends and family anybody can or go back to school to Finished can be successful.

A College education can get you so Far in life just with a little motivation from knowing that a better education means a better job, better self-confidence and more motivation to achieve my goals in the job career that I have chosen. I feel achieving a college degree will help me climb up the ladder in the job I choose when I finished getting my Degree, I also feel that going after my dreams and achieving my goals and showing determination will help for my Future kids as they grow up to do the same.

The most important thing’s In my life is God, faith, Family, and my education to reach high to complete all my goals. Jim Rohn Quoited: “Unless you change how you are you will always have what you got.” I really like this quote because it speaks the truth if you don’t change the situation you in now, couple years later down the road you’ll be in the same situation procrastinating.

Another Quote from Brian Tracy Quoited “One of the marks of successful people is they are action oriented. One of the marks of average people is they are talk oriented.” this quote speaks to me, it saying that action speaks, you can talk, or you can prove yourself by your action’s, for me my action’s is getting a college education, so that I don’t have to talk, but let my action’s speaks for itself.

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