Which of the following industries was the united states not a world

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Which of the following industries was the United States not a world leader in by 1900?

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Question 2 1 pts
The process Rockefeller used to gain control of his company’s industry is known as
vertical integration.
horizontal integration.
a corporate-controlled market.
an Invisible Hand market.
a hostile takeover.

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Question 3 1 pts
When one company buys everything needed to produce, market, and deliver their product, they have participated in
an Invisible Hand market.
a hostile takeover.
vertical integration.
horizontal integration.
a corporate-controlled market.

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Question 4 1 pts
In an effort to prevent corporations from obtaining market monopolies, Congress passed the
Free Market Act.
Terrell Act.
Interstate Commerce Act.
Merrill Enforcement Act.
Sherman Anti-Trust Act.

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Question 5 1 pts
Based on Assignment 3 in Learning Module 2: Read the following statements and determine if they are TRUE or FALSE:
(Statement A) Gustavus Swift created America’s first vertically integrated company.
(Statement B) By l900, Carnegie’s enormous Pittsburgh mills were producing more steel than the entire output of Great Britain, formerly the world’s greatest steel-making power.
(Statement C) By 1895, Boston was the headquarter city for American corporations.
(Statement D) John Pierpont wanted to stabilize the boom and bust American economy, to prevent price wars between business rivals from destroying big corporations and unhinging the economy.
(Statement E) By the early 1900s, J.P. Morgan dominated a hundred corporations with more than $22 billion in assets.

All of the statements are FALSE
Only Statement C is FALSE
All of the statements are TRUE
Only statements A and E are TRUE
Only statement A is TRUE
Only statements B and E are FALSE

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Question 6 1 pts
Thanks to this man’s invention, steel became substantially cheaper to make.
John D. Rockefeller
J. P. Morgan
Andrew Carnegie
George Titus
Henry Bessemer

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Question 7 1 pts
This woman established Hull House, a settlement house for immigrants in Chicago.
Jane Addams
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Dorothea Dix
Sojourner Truth
Susan B. Anthony

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Question 8 1 pts
The largest group employed in factories during the Gilded Age was
African Americans.

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Question 9 1 pts
Which of the following was not a reform advocated by the Knights of Labor?
Paper currency
Equal pay for men and women
An 8-hour workday
Providing access to jobs for reformed convicts
Creation of workers cooperatives

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Question 10 1 pts
In-Depth Study Question from Learning Module 2: In 1884, John Swinton argued that:
though industrial workers had it bad, things would be much worse without unions.
the federal government should set up an agency to arbitrate labor disputes.
tougher immigration laws would improve conditions for American workers.
strikes, contrary to popular belief, seldom failed.
the laborer had been robbed by management of the fruits of his labor.

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