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Assume you are organizing a wheelchair rugby event that will attract 30 teams over five days. What would be your primary requirements when soliciting bids? What would be the most important factors in choosing a location?

Hint: You should identify and prioritize what you would need to execute an event like this one.

Based on the event in the preceding question, assume that sports commissions from each of the following three cities have bid on your event. Which of the following would you choose and why?

  • Metropolis
    • Large city with 7,000 hotel rooms
    • 66,000 square foot convention center that can hold five basketball courts
    • Home to numerous attractions (amusement parks, museums, etc.) and restaurants
    • A history of hosting sporting events for all age groups
  • Middlesboro
    • Medium-sized city with 1,200 hotel rooms
    • 204,000 square foot convention center that can hold 12 basketball courts
    • Centrally located, with easy highway and airport access
    • A history of hosting large recreational events for different types of sports
  • Smallville
    • Small city with 600 hotel rooms
    • 100,000 square foot convention center that can hold six basketball courts
    • Home to a nationally recognized adapted sports training center
    • A history of hosting small sporting events for physically handicapped athletes

Hint:  Each of the hypothetical cities has something different to offer (and different limitations). You should match the city with your event based on the factors that you prioritized in the prior answer.

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