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Step 1: Normalize the ER Diagram you created last week (attached below).  The diagram may not have significant changes if it was well designed originally. However, there are usually some changes or updates that would be appropriate.  Explain why this step is important.   Describe how you eliminated or reduced redundancy through this step.   Include all documentation in a Word document and submit it to your instructor via the online class. 

Step 2: Continue to work on your database (Links to an external site.) using in Access or your selected application.  You may start to use Oracle Cloud or MS Database (Links to an external site.) and import your information.  Take screen captures and include them in a Word document with a description of your experience in the database (Links to an external site.) thus far.  Submit your Word document to your professor via the online class. 

Note:No copypaste strickly, plagiarism results in termination.

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