Week 6 assignment: major project | business law | Regent University

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 Using the information to this point in the course, write a paper from a biblical worldview perspective that:

  1. compares the legal elements of a contract under US law, with the elements of enforceable promises described in the Bible (you may use God’s covenant(s) and any promise made by one person to another person or to God; does a “vow” or a “covenant” as described in the Bible differ from what we think of as a “contract” and if so, how do they differ?); and
  2. briefly describes how Christians should fulfill business obligations (if a person or a business firm makes a deliberate promise, but the law provides for a defense or modification of duties may a Christian assert such a defense or seek such a modification?).

Compose the research paper in accordance with APA standards and cite a minimum of four scholarly peer reviewed sources (in addition to your textbook and the Bible) as references, as well as multiple biblical references (word count range 1400-1600 words).To submit, use the link provided above. A grading rubric for this assignment can be found in the “Grades and Progress” section of the main menu. Locate the assignment and click View Rubric.This assignment is due Sunday by 11:59 pm ET. 

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