Week 6 activity | BUS 375 – Project Management | Strayer University

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Week 6 Activity – Communication Plan & Project Schedule


The sponsor of the project has reviewed  your scope definition (goals, objectives, project structure, and  stakeholders) and has approved it. However, the sponsor would like to  see an improvement in communication between the project team and the  stakeholders. See Chapter 4 in the course textbook. Ask the instructor  for clarification if needed. The sponsor has also requested a project schedule be developed immediately to track and coordinate the progress of the remaining tasks for the project. Note: Use MS Project or  another scheduling software of your choice. Ask the instructor for  additional options for developing a project schedule. 


  1. Develop a communication plan between the project team and the stakeholders for your project.
  2. Develop a project schedule for your project, which includes:     
    • Task Name.
    • Start Date.
    • Finish Date.
    • Resources.
    • Includes 7–13 tasks.

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