Week 5 program learning summaries

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 Prompt: Reflect on program experiences and accomplishments and relate them to career objectives.


For this assignment, please consider which courses in your program that you would consider highlighting in a job interview? Include at least 4 courses.

In a Word document, provide an overview for each of the 4 courses you selected.  Please also discuss at least 4 course objectives, per each course, and how you met these objectives through your course work.  You should provide specifics as to what you learned in each of the selected courses, and how the knowledge and skills learned are applicable to the work environment, a current position, or a job you may be working towards.   Remember that you are showcasing yourself to a potential employer. 

Each course reflective should be approximately 1 page in length (300 words).  The total assignment should be approximately 3 pages in length using APA formatting.  

Once the instructor reviews your submission, please then plan to upload the file to your portfolio within our course.

If you have a final project for the courses you selected, you can include this information in your e-portfolio as well.  If you would, please ensure to make any edits recommended by previous instructors before uploading.

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