Week 5 assignment | Accounting homework help

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Week 5 assignment | Accounting homework help

Do the following:

Using the attached Spreadsheet, calculate the fees for this radiology practice assuming a 300% of

Medicare Fee schedule and only global reimbursement. You will be using the Florida Fee Schedule.

To find this online –

1. Go to http://medicare.fcso.com/

2. Click on “Florida” and “Part B”

3. On left side of screen, click on “Fee Schedule” and proceed to “Lookup”

4. Make the following assumptions

a. Fee Schedule – Medicare Physician (last choice)

b. Date of Service – Today

c. Location – Florida 99

d. Procedure Code – Fill in the code that you want

5. Look at the example on Sheet 1 of the “HM 2010 – week 5 assignment format page.xlsx” excel


6. Use Sheet2 of the “HM 2010 – week 5 assignment format page.xlsx” excel document to

calculate the fees using the assumptions in steps 4a to 4d and 300% Medicare Fee Schedule

Use MS Excel to complete your assignment.

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