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Describe the process of recognizing faces.  Imagine a person who comes in to see you complaining they don’t remember people. Describe ways you could test them to see what difficulties they are having (i.e., with only faces, familiar faces, objects, etc.).

 omplete the following readings from your textbook: Freberg, L. (2019). Discovering Behavioral Neuroscience: An Introduction to Biological Psychology (4th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning, Inc.

  • Chapter 6: Vision
  • Chapter 7: Nonvisual Sensation and Perception 

In addition, read the following article: 

https://youtu.be/GwGmWqX0MnM /https://youtu.be/BkOb9FR5Lgk /https://youtu.be/dxqsBk7Wn-Y

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