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Complete the first part of the CapsimInbox discussion prompt by completing the simulation above. This activity puts you in the shoes of a Brand Manager in charge of deciding what direction to take the distribution of your product line. You will need to analyze the market to determine the best path forward for your apparel company. Following your real-world interactions, provide your direction and rationale to the CEO in short written form.

This will be your discussion requirement for week three. Students should comment on two of their peers’ responses and provide suggestions, feedback, and questions.

After completing the simulation, summarize and explain your decisions then submit it to the discussion board by Wednesday. It should only take about an hour to complete the simulation. Follow discussion requirements as you would each week. Two peer responses should be submitted by Sunday.

Capsim_LMS_Bb_Student.pptx Capsim_LMS_Bb_Student.pptx – Alternative Formats

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