Week 3 assignment bus 520 | BUS 520 – Leadership and Organizational Behavior | Strayer University

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 For this assignment, write a 1-2 page double-spaced paper in which you will:

  • Describe the organization you selected based on the following criteria.
    • The organization should be one you are familiar with.
    • You have access to internal processes.
    • It has an organizational issue that needs to be resolved.
    • You can think of a realistic and enforceable solution to the issue.
  • Discuss the issue you will be analyzing.
  • Explain why the issue hinders the organization’s efficiency.

Confidentiality: Since you will be addressing real issues in real organizations in your assignments, it is important to respect confidentiality. Feel free to use an alias for any company or individuals you might mention in your assignments. Remember that all discussions about these organizations should only occur within this course and not be shared with people outside the course.

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