Week 2 iLab – Exercise 1 * Compare/contrast commercial wind turbines

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Week 2 iLab –

Exercise 1

* Compare/contrast commercial wind turbines “offshore” versus “on land”.

* Compare the electricity created from a home wind turbine versus a home wind “spire”.

* How many wind spires would your home (or use an average 2000 square foot home)? Need to cover your daily electrical needs? (Cite your references.)

Exercise 2

* Geothermal heat is having another “revival”. Explain how it works in a home and how much it would cost to add this to your home (determines your square footage or use an average 2000 square foot home)? Cite your references.

* How much would it cost to install enough solar panels on your roof to generate all your daily electrical needs? How many panels (size?) would you need?

* How can landscaping (trees/bushes) affect your heating and cooling bills?

Exercise 3

* Choose any three cars brands that are a minivan, a compact car, and a sedan/crossover. Compare their mileage (city versus highway). Do any of these models come as a hybrid? If not choose one that does. Compare the fuel statistics for the same car as a “regular” gasoline car and the hybrid version. In your budget and life style, explain the fuel savings if your next car purchase was a hybrid vehicle. Include all references used.

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