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The “Monday Musings” court group meets each Monday at the Rutgers Moot Trial Court.

The participants fluctuate from week to week, but Daniel, William, Phyllis, Sharon, and you comprise the nucleus of the group. Each week one of 

the group takes the lead in the discussion, presenting the fruits of their study and leading the ensuing discussion. This week, Daniel is leading the discussion on rape law.  Daniel, warming to the passage, makes his pitch that rape law is a waste of time, just send the 

offenders to a penal colony as per this article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10375133/Repeat-child-rapists-sent-penal-colonies-ARCTIC-life-proposals-Russia.html

Phyllis highlights that the question of the week was: “There have been significant changes in rape law involving issues such as 

corroboration and shield laws. What other measures would you take to protect victims of rape when they have to testify in court?”

Thus, Daniel didn’t answer the question.  Daniel replied, the victim’s voice would be heard by sending the offender to a penal colony. Sharon replied, the victim needs to be heard in court.  The conversation turns to you, how would you respond? Be sure to include a theoretical framework.

Siegel, Larry J.. Criminology: The Core (Page 356). Cengage Learning. Kindle Edition. 

Post-First: This course utilizes the Post-First feature in all Discussions. This means you will only be able to read and interact with your classmates’ threads after you have submitted your thread in response to the provided prompt.


1. Answer the critical thinking question.

2.  Explain your answer to  your peers.

250 words

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