Video case reflection/ document analysis (des)

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Watch the
 following video on organizing work-driven writing. Record your thoughts on paper or in a document. Answer the questions below and upload your response. 

1. What information interested or surprised you?

2. What information were you already familiar with?

3. How might you apply something from the video to your own work or learning?

Document analysis

 Answer questions 1-4 using the attachment

Document analysis 2

 Answer questions 1-4 about conciseness and simplicity of language.  Use the attachment 152231

Chapter 9 Emphasizing Important Information 

Watch the
 following video on emphasizing important information.

Start the video at minute 17:20 and end the video at minute 23:00.

Based on information from the video, use 
this exercise website to edit the wordy sentences. You can use the site to help you find the best edits for each sentence. 

Post your 
edited sentences in a list. You only need to post your edited sentence, not copy the original sentence. 

1. At this point in time we can’t ascertain the reason as to why the screen door was left open.

Edited Sentence: 1. We don’t know why the screen door was left open. 

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