Van Gogh and Lewit Essay

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When comparing the lines in the Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night painting and Sol LeWitt’s the Wall Drawing No. 681, the lines are the opposite. In the Starry Night painting the lines of the sky are very curvy and flowing, but the lines of the buildings are very straight. The artist in this painting is showing you a vision he has had during the time he was in the asylum. The lines of the sky are erratic, and it shows how the artist was feeling very unstable during the time he painted the piece. You can feel how peaceful the buildings are, but the sky is not peaceful. The artist is fighting with himself, and it shows in the painting. The Wall Drawing No.681 shows very straight and precise lines. The artist is feeling very controlled as he painted the piece. The lines appear to be mathematical, each of the lines are the same in length and distance. As you look at each of the lines, the colors are used more than once, but the tense of the color has changed. The lines in the piece are very organized.

Las Meninas by Diego Velazquer is a very complex painting. When you look at the painting the focal point could be anyone. The first thing you notice is that the Princess and the Maids are focusing on each other. You will see the artist and the King and Queen in mirrors. You have to look at clues to tell you who is really the focus of the painting. The maids are really only there in the title, but they are not the focus. The King and Queen could be the focus, but why they be. The painting is supposed to be about the Princess and the Maids, but they are all looking at each other in the painting.

As you examine each of the characters of the painting, you notice subtle differences. All of the figures, not including the Princess and the Maids, appear to be shaded darker. The clothing is darker, and the figures are not as detailed. The Maids are put in lighter clothing and detailed, but they are not the focus. When examining the Princess, you notice all the light coming in around her. The light of the door and the window shine directly on her. You also notice that her clothing and hair are of light color, and she is very detailed. After studying the complex painting closely, you find that the focus of the painting is the Princess.

The Nighthawks by Edward Hopper shows you the inside of a dinner. The use of color gives the dinner a since of warmth, but coldness at the same time. The buildings outside of the dinner are very dark, lonely, and deserted. The buildings feel very cold. Inside you will notice the people. The dinner worker is surrounded by a dark counter. He feels very much separated from the other dinners. You see that he is only a worker and a stranger, but the use of color shows him as friendly. The other dinners there show very lonely faces, and very dark clothing. They seem to be unfriendly. No one is looking at each other. You can tell from their focus and body language that is no relationship between any of them. They feel very lonely. The dinner is sparsely decorated. You only see the people sitting around the dark bar. You also notice that there is no door. The outside world is not meant to enter this dinner. Everything about this painting explains isolation. Everything is cold and lonely.

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