Using microsoft powerpoint to develop your mobile computing platform

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using Microsoft PowerPoint to develop your mobile computing platform architecture diagram. The architecture diagram is intended to summarize your proposed IT platform for the THS chief information officer (CIO). It should include all the various IT system architecture elements needed to support the launch and sustained maintenance of these mobile applications.

In this discussion forum

  • Develop a plan for data-based and web server locations.
  • Develop a network topography.
  • Develop a model for connectivity of mobile users.
  • Articulate the Internet standard to be used for web development.

attach a single PowerPoint slide artifact with your architecture diagram. In 300 to 350 words discuss the architectural components in your diagram in detail. Justify the choices that you made regarding standards and architectural configuration. What is the role of cloud computing, if any, in your architecture? What are the potential risk points for data and network security in your architecture?

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