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As you did for the Critique, you will be performing a peer review of a classmate’s draft of the final paper; in Doc Sharing you will find a list of questions entitled “Peer Review Criteria” that you will find helpful in completing this exercise.

When you turn in your peer review of your classmate’s paper, you will also submit a brief (2 or 3 page) report assessing the credibility of your classmate’s research sources. In Doc Sharing you will find a list of questions titled “Credibility Assessment” that will help you determine how credible these sources are.

To answer these questions, you may need to do some basic internet searching as well as some careful analysis of the content of the sources. However, do not feel overwhelmed; your answers need not be comprehensive. Just take a few moments with each source to try and determine how well it suits the needs of the Assignment and the writing situation, answering as many of these questions as you can about each source.


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