Unit 7 assignment – project reflection

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For this assignment, you will compose a reflective assignment based on your project and your experience as a project manager. Please include the following:

  • Executive summary
  • Leveraging the project lifecycle (initiation, planning, execution, and closing), reflect on things that went well and opportunities for improvement for each phase of the project. Reflect on the project charter, WBS, GANTT, Budget, etc.
  • Include a section on closing the project, and discuss any of the following relevant elements:
    • Collecting and making final payments
    • Recognizing and evaluating staff
    • Conducting post-project evaluations
    • Documenting Lessons Learned
    • Organizing and archiving project documents
  • Discuss the tools and techniques you learned and how they were a benefit to the project and/or how you would leverage the tools and techniques in the future.
  • Summary

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