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Activity #3: Submission

In this unit you learned about transformational change and a built-to-change organization. You also learned about trans-organizational change.

For each homework assignment that you submit in this course, you must have a minimum of 3 scholarly sources (peer-reviewed journal articles). Please ensure that you follow standard APA formatting. Your paper must have a title page and a reference page. You must have a minimum of five (5) in-text citations.

Read the case:  Leading Strategic Change at DaVita: The Integration of the Gambro Acquisition   beginning on page 645.


Respond to the following questions in an essay (3 page minimum).


1. How would you characterize DaVita’s strategy?

2. What advice would you give Kent Thiry in terms of leading and managing the integration of the Gambro organization?

3. What would be included in your “first 100 days” action plan?

4. How could you preserve DaVita’s culture in the face of an acquisition that includes Thiry’s former organization, Vivra

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