Unit 6 assignment (read carefully)

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Unit 6 assignment (read carefully)

This assignment has 2 parts. Part 1 has questions about forecasting. You will use the template that is provided in the attachments for this Part.

Part 2 requires you to analyze a case. For this, you will prepare a PowerPoint presentation to present your findings. See the attached U6 Assignment Rubric and you will find “Part 2-Case Analysis” for more details.

Part 2- Case Analysis

To answer Part 2, you will prepare a PowerPoint presentation to present your findings. Make sure you also submit the Excel file to show your work for Part 2. You will receive a reduction in points if you fail to include the Excel file showing your work for Part 2.

Utilize all the attached documents to ensure a high passing grade. Use the data file provided. Do not create your own.

Some common mistakes when doing this project. They are as follows:

1. Some students do not explain/interpret ALL the metrics from the descriptive statistics table. Show your work, no pics of your work on paper.

2. Providing definitions is not the same as interpretation.

3. The goal of the question is to go beyond the mean to assess the performance.


1. In question 3, you are comparing the ratings of the two groups.  Sometimes the averages that are seen are 12.6 vs 0.8. This means you are highlighting the wrong column. Don’t take the average of the “does it have stars” column.

2. Some students do not understand the meaning of the metrics in the regression output table and base their answers on the wrong figures.

Use the rubric to check yourself. This is a big part of your grade, so do not skip anything in your rubric. This is attached below.

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