Unit 5 discussions (acc111) (eng110) (ctc101) (eng130)

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Unit 5 discussions (acc111) (eng110) (ctc101) (eng130)

Unit 5 Discussion (ACC111)

Word has gotten around that you know accounting and can explain it well.  Jim, another of your friends has a unique business.  During the summer he buys hats that cost $5.00 each and sells them at the beach for $12.00 each.  Other than the cost of the hat, his only other expense last summer was $120 for parking.  He sold 78 hats last summer.  His accountant prepared a financial statement for him and he has several questions about the income statement.  He asks:

  1. What does the cost of goods sold and gross profit mean?
  2. How much gross profit do I make on each hat?
  3. Why show both gross profit and net income?
  4. Using Jim’s figures, calculate his cost of goods sold, gross profit and net income – SHOW YOUR CALCULATIONS

If I have hats returned or a give a discount, how will that be shown on the income statement?

Unit 5 DB: Analyzing an Advertisement for the Appeals (ENG110)

In this discussion, you will be analyzing an advertisement using the appeals.Find an advertisement online, either a video or print, to analyze. Pick an ad that you are interested in reviewing and be sure that it is academically appropriate.

Initial Response:

  • Write a short analysis of three (3) paragraphs on how the advertisement uses rhetorical appeals.
  • How are ethos, pathos, and logos used in the advertisement?
  • Please make sure to review the readings this week that focus on the three rhetorical appeals.
    Each paragraph in your discussion board should focus on a different appeal.
  • Finally, post a link to the advertisement at the end of your discussion board so that the class can take a look at it.

Unit 5 DB: Note-Taking and Types of Reading (CTC101)

After reviewing this week’s Readings and Resources, create a new thread and share the following:

  • A strategy discussed in this week’s reading is SQ3R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review). How is this strategy similar to and/or different from the way you read course material previously?
  • Covey’s 3rd habit, Put First Things First, means recognizing that your time, energy, and resources are limited. How would you prioritize reading in your schedule?
  • Explain the importance of improving your reading strategies now and when you work in the business field.

Unit 5 DB: Convince us of your conflict (ENG130)

Initial Response: Jackson, Dick, and Atwood brilliantly incorporate the conflict of Man vs. Society, but which one does it better?

  1. In one to two paragraphs, argue which of the Unit 5 authors best portrays the conflict of Man vs. Society and HOW (you might like to do some more research on The Handmaid’s Tale to write about Atwood). This is a great practice for your upcoming Position Paper.
  2. Share a modern-day piece of literature (new story, article, video, movie, novel, etc.) that supports your response and is a direct connection to the story you choose. Be sure to post the link to your modern piece of literature and explain how it connects to your chosen author/story.
  3. Finish your post by asking a question of your peers that promotes critical thinking on this subject.

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