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For your Discussion Board, you will provide two (2) different examples of how video communications might be used for professional presentations in the criminal justice system. For example, there are many professional uses for short videos, such as:

  • In-service training for criminal justice employees
  • Providing legal updates for criminal justice personnel
  • Providing testimony for court cases (or recording demonstrable presentations)
  • Presenting new ideas or program concepts (or concept proposals) for criminal justice executives to consider
  • Providing public service announcements
    • Crime statistics
    • Crime warnings
    • Community policing programs and schedules for upcoming community meetings
    • Hiring advertisements to fill critical employee shortages in corrections
  • Add your ideas

For your Unit 2 Discussion Board post, explain how video presentations may constructively address identified issues in criminal justice – and compare and contrast at least two (2) specific examples of how you could use a video in a career path in which you are interested. Use your creativity! 

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