Understanding the importance of a menu in the restaurant’s success.

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For this assignment you are tasked to go to (or research

online) your favorite restaurant or food service operations

in your town or city where you reside. You are required


•Inspect/research this location in terms of location, if

there are any landmarks close to it, how busy the

restaurant is, and how accessible it really is. Add a

few business facts about this restaurant that you find

important to mention (the concept, ambience, cool


•Look at the menu (ideally you will want to do this after

the Menu Class) and food offerings. What does it

make you feel like? How is the pricing, the colors,

language, and the message, etc.? What food trends

does it reflect? Does it have a bestseller/signature

dish? What it is and why is it a bestseller?

• Make a few conclusions: does the menu contribute to

the popularity of this restaurant? Does the menu

reflect the concept? Is the menu trendy? Does the

menu need to be trendy for a restaurant to succeed?

The outcome of this research will be a 900 words (3

pages) report. (APA style)

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