U9a1-24 – contrast equity theory with expectancy theory and apply

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Unit 9 – Strategic Management of Human Resource in the Public Sector

1. Explore the broad impact on operations of the good soldier who is not promoted because of his or her

competence in the current position.

2. Describe the differences between a political and an administrative perspective in leadership and

performance management of public organizations.

3. Use theory bases and frameworks to articulate the importance of human resources management in a time

of change.


This unit will introduce the topic of political necessities versus administrative requirements, as they relate to

acquiring staff for your organization. The desire to diversify your organization may at times conflict with

acquiring staff with the best skills. There can be a logical balance in the talents and values staff bring to the

workplace, but a critical look at more than strictly work-based skills is needed.

The case study will require you to critically evaluate the situation of the good soldier using all of the theoretical

constructs explored in this course. Ethics, motivation, performance metrics, classification, promotion, and

diversity all need to be explored, balanced, and critically examined in an exercise that will prepare you to face

this common problem in the workplace.

Also, you will turn in your course project. By going through the exercise of job design, you have critically

examined human resources management as a leader must understand it to assure the survivability of the



To successfully complete this learning unit, you will be expected to:

[u09s1] Unit 9 Study 1 – Readings

Use your Public Personnel Management text to complete the following:

• Review Chapter 8, “Recruitment, Selection, and Promotion.” The text will explore the conflicts

between acquiring the most skilled employees and other interests that have values to weigh against

skills. Diversity is but one of these competing factors that come from the big picture that is the future

defined by human values.

• Read the case study “Requiem for a Good Soldier” in Chapter 9. You will respond to this case study in

a discussion question later in this unit.

Use your Public Human Resource Management text to complete the following:

• Read Chapter 4, “Human Resources Management in the Federal Government During a Time of


• Read Chapter 6, “Strategic Human Resources Management at the Local Level: Balancing Enduring

Commitments and Emerging Needs.”

Use the Research Library to read the following:

• Krausert, A. (2014). HRM systems for knowledge workers: Differences among top managers, middle

managers, and professional employees. Human Resource Management, 53(1), 67–87.

[u09a1] Unit 9 Assignment 1 – Recruitment, Management, and


This assignment will be the summation and finalization of the course project. As such, it will build on the

previous assignments you completed for this project. You will revise your previous work as needed and

incorporate it into the current assignment.

In this assignment, you will describe strategies to recruit the best candidate for the position and to maximize

the chances that this employee will add value for your organization and its clients.

1. Begin by revising the following elements from your previous assignments as needed, in light of

feedback you have gotten:

◦ Description of the organization, the main elements of its mission, the key services it offers, its

clients and the main models of service delivery it employs.

◦ Description of a new service the organization could offer that would be aligned with the

organization’s mission and would serve its clientele. Explain the theory bases that support this

new service.

◦ Description of the tasks that would be required for organization to provide the new service,

and the competencies and skills required to fulfill the tasks.

◦ Complete job description including the job structure, definition, classification, and

compensation, in addition to classification for payroll. Discuss best practices and theories

applied to determine these factors.

◦ Follow the design used by your selected agency for the presentation of the completed

job description.

◦ All other aspects of the document (discussion of classification and compensation, as well

as classification of the payroll, best practices, and theories) should follow current APA

writing style and formatting.

◦ Description and justification of the delivery model most appropriate for the position and the


2. Apply public sector human resources management theory to determine, describe, and justify the

delivery model (staff, privatize, partner) that would be most appropriate for the organization for which

you are designing the new job.

◦ Be sure to explain why the model you have selected is the best way to deliver the knowledge,

skills, and abilities of the job you have designed within the organization you have selected.

3. Describe the strategies you would use to:

◦ Recruit the best candidate for the position.

◦ Determine compensation for the position.

◦ Manage the employee’s performance.

◦ This should include plans for evaluating performance.

◦ It should address issues associated with equity and expectancy theories as well as the

specific performance metrics to be used.

4. Create cogent criteria to evaluate the appropriateness of new service, skill competencies, and delivery

models for a given job. Base your application on requirements and public sector human resources

management theory.

Describe each of the above in detail and justify them by citing best practices and theories from your course

readings or other legitimate sources.

Assignment Requirements

• Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.

• Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style.

• Length of paper: 10–15 typed, double-spaced pages.

• Font and font size: Arial, 12 point.

• Include the final Job Description as the Appendix.

• Submit your draft assignment to Turnitin and use the results of your Originality Report to assist you in

editing your work.

• Submit your final draft to this assignment.

Note: your instructor may also use the Writing Feedback Tool to provide feedback on your writing. In the

tool, click on the linked resources for helpful writing information.

Portfolio Prompt: You are required to save this learning activity to your ePortfolio, in the Professional

Showcase binder for Program Outcome 3.


Recruitment, Management, and Evaluation Scoring Guide.

APA Style and Format.

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