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With the increasing challenges and complexities the world universities are faced with a number of issues. However, the universities of the U. S. confront these issues in a graver manner. With globalization has come the ease of movement across nations of students, intellectual property, faculty members, and educational services; as such, according to Ruby (2005) , universities and especially of U. S. face major challenges which are as follows: 6. 1. 3. 1) Growing Global Demand The demand for higher education internationally will grow dramatically.

It is estimated that in 2025 the number of students would reach to 263 million students as compared to 97 million in 2000. 400% more students will leave for abroad for higher education. Here the U. S. universities will see great competition on the international front and need to work in the smooth lines so that empowerment of future talent in globalized environment becomes a reality because such areas as culture of universities, size, teaching excellence, quality and so on would be at critical ends. 6. 1. 3.

2) Diverse Students The number of students would grow not only in quantity but also in diversity which would itself be a critical area in need of tactical handling for the U. S. to tackle. 6. 1. 3. 3) Private Sector’s Involvement In provision of education, the governments of many industrialized countries are now joining hands with the private sector so that expansion of educational institutions can be rightly observed; however, this is another area of debate which seems to rise globally in the coming times. For instance, research, quality of education, elasticity in the market, government monitoring, students finance, etc.

are some issues being debated now. But these will appear to be complex in the more globalized times of the future. 6. 1. 3. 4) Delivery with Diversification Today, new technologies like tapes, video streaming, Internet provide students with ample liberty of where to learn. Distance learning is becoming more and more common. However, the handling of this area is critical as the number of students rises. Moreover, the delivery with diversification will need to be incorporated in education to empower the growing demands of global youth.

6. 1. 3. 5) Learning and Research There are a wide spectrum of question in relation to research, learning and globalization both in private and public sectors universities. For instance, rapidly changing social scenario has generated a lot of content that needs to be investigated for future incorporation in order to enhance learning. Moreover, changing demands for careers, new areas of knowledge and so on, raise thorny question as how research and learning will be incorporated in the complex air of globalization .

With these issues at hand, the need to expand expertise, both technical and social, is the current area that can assure better empowerment of present and current generation. By meeting these challenges not only the U. S. universities but universities all over the world can make it a possibility to quip youth with required tools so the complexities of globalization are changed into fruitful gains for humanity on the whole. I would like to raise one point that the developing world seems to be struggling in the area of educational change in globalization.

I have strong conviction, after going through all the discourse, that unless the developing world realizes the importance of education diversity and works for the empowerment of its youth, the brain drain, and hunt for talent would still be there. 7- Corporate Sector and Empowerment of Talent Now coming to the corporate world, the situation is all the more complex and great activity is being observed in the whole corporate world relative of globalization. Corporate world is an area where demands and requirements are different from governments because it has different ends to meet: generation of profit, to sum up.

However, the concept of globalization has been welcomed by this fraction of the world internationally, yet the challenges are far and varied. According to Terry (2002), in the corporate world the meaning of globalization is crossing of technical, cultural, and financial boundaries causing international flow of goods, services, and information becomes possible. Henceforth, the corporate world also foresees the challenges and opportunities being carried by this wave.

The biggest challenge present now and would continue to linger in the future is the lack of managerial staff and adapted training of managerial staff and professionals in other areas. As such training and development of human capital is something the entire corporate world is focusing on. In this context, needs of companies are changing. Today, companies are expanding worldwide and the customer is global customer. Additionally, competition of customization of product to meet individual consumers’ needs is another added complexity.

All this needs staff that is sufficient in number and is equipped with enough capacity and skill to join in the production line. Education, in-house training, use of technologies, and development of human capital is all the companies regard as empowerment of their present and future talent. There is another concept that has taken roots in at the managerial level. This is the fresh concept of global leadership. This, according to Bill Gardner, director of corporate expansion and elevation for Advanced Micro Devices, is when managers can work in any unit of their parent company, anywhere in the world.

This concept has sparked new lights of innovation and diversity in the corporate world. However, one point is also clear that this need is natural because according to a VP of a pharmaceutical company there are only a few people who are capable of dealing with our biggest problems which have been born out of the complexities of globalization. Hence, hunt for these people is not easy. What is required is the availability of these people at any cost and at any terms and condition. For this purpose any measures that are necessary would be taken.

Moreover, it is highly imperative that through extensive training and development such talent is produced locally to meet the upcoming challenges. In a nutshell, then, empowerment of talent is possible via the road of development which must be up to the standards of present and future trends of international market . Moreover, intellectuals, the finest talent of the world, are now seen as one social group who are considered responsible for the solution of the entire world on the whole. As such empowerment of talent is now the issue of the whole globe as a community rather as fragments of countries and groups.

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