Tutorial assignment 2 – analytics and visualizations

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 For this assignment, you will have an  opportunity to interact with data using one of the industry’s leading  data visualization systems, Tableau. The video to the left will  introduce how the system is currently being used in the industry. Please review before beginning the steps associated with this tutorial assignment.

The steps needed to complete this assignment include:

  1. Installing Tableau desktop (Student  Edition) I have secured temporary access for the entire class and all  that is needed is for you to download and install a version of the  software on your computer.
  2. Connecting to a Data source
  3. Create a meaningful visualization or view of the data.
  4. Create a Dashboard including at least two meaningful visualizations from your chosen data set
  5. Upload as your submission a screen capture of the dashboard, screen captures of each created visualization, and the Tableau Packaged Workbook file. (.TBWX)

Video Introduction by Professor – https://youtu.be/Dr9Lk9JRt4w

  Updated Download Instructions

  • Download the latest version of Tableau Desktop here 
  •  Links to an external site.
  • Click on the link above and select Get  Started. On the form, enter your school email address for Business  E-mail ([email protected]) and enter the name of your school (Florida International University) for Organization.
  • Activate with your product key: TCLU-7A6A-1E30-D53D-A7B9  
  • If the license does not work simply use the free trial option for now.
  • Already have a copy of Tableau Desktop installed? Update your license in the application: Help menu -> Manage Product Keys

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