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Analyze the organizational values reflected in your Case Study Paper (Above) Assignment and present them in a PowerPoint presentation as part of the organization’s focus on values. The presentation will be considered the vision-casting, “big picture” narrative of an organization’s approach to values and will be given to each new employee and repeated every two years to remind faculty of the values of the company. Each value must include a clear biblical integration. The presentation must have at least 5 scholarly resources in addition to the Bible.

Once an organization has clearly identified the values by which it will operate, it is important for leadership to communicate these values to the team. The presentation is to include a narrated PowerPoint presentation (composed of at least 10 slides) that reinforces the salient, practical points of the organization’s values reflected within your case study paper. Approach the PowerPoint as a training tool that an employee would view to learn about the organization’s values. The training should be presented as if you are the leader of the company. If there are any quotes or citations used in the presentation, be sure to include a Reference slide at the end of the presentation so that proper acknowledgement is given. The presentation will be the training tool used to introduce employees to the values of your organization. The presentation itself will not need to be in APA format. The reference slide needs to be in current APA format. 


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