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1# The assumption that training programs should focus on helping students learn about themselves in addition to acquiring theoretical knowledge is valid. Self-awareness is a crucial skill that benefits various aspects of life, especially in the workplace.

Self-awareness leads to improved job performance, as employees who understand their strengths and weaknesses can excel in roles that align with their strengths and work on improving their weaknesses(J. Carden, 2022).

Self-awareness is essential for personal growth and development, enabling employees to identify their goals, adapt to change, and cope with challenges effectively.

Designing training programs to promote self-awareness involves activities such as identifying strengths, weaknesses, values, and motivations, reflecting on learning, and creating a supportive learning environment.

Specific methods to promote self-awareness include personality assessments, 360-degree feedback surveys, self-reflection exercises, personal development planning, and mentorship programs.

Incorporating these activities into training programs helps students develop the self-awareness needed for success in their careers and personal lives.

Imagine a medical school curriculum. While it’s crucial for students to grasp complex biological processes, pharmacology, and surgical techniques (theoretical

knowledge), it’s equally important for them to understand their biases, emotional triggers, and communication styles. A doctor’s self-awareness plays a pivotal role in patient care(J. Wrenn, 2009). For instance, if a student recognizes through self-reflection that they tend to rush decisions under stress, they can work on developing more methodical decision-making processes, ensuring better patient outcomes. Additionally, by understanding their emotional responses, they can communicate more effectively with patients, empathize with their concerns, and navigate challenging conversations about diagnoses or treatment options. Hence, in this scenario, the integration of personal growth within the curriculum is just as important as the scientific knowledge imparted.

What skill should be a necessity to learn during training and how can they affect the way a person works in the field ?


2# Training is define as, the action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior. The purpose of training program is to enhances the level of skill, and expertise in the subject of choice. Training program through the viewpoint of theoretical knowledge, are a necessary process to promote self awareness, and questioned ones belief system, on the way we view people within society and how societal norms shape these thoughts. The way we view social and generational foundations impacts how they see the world through the lens of others around the world (Passos, R., Rocha Santos, L., & Espinoza, F.2020). These program helps us to understand topics, culture, etc. from other perspectives and learn how to be more objective, and less bias. Extensive training programs, ensures therapist have a clear grasp of people, society, and the world we live in, without judgment. This guarantees that threpist are delivering quality services, and assist clients in gaining a successful treatment plan.

How does more training outside of schooling do you think a person should take for self awareness? 

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