Topic 5 institutionalized discrimination- racism in medicine | sociology | Excelsior College

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 Institutional racism | Definition, Meaning, & Examples | Britannica 

Ensure to write 300 words and follow clear rubric guidance below:

1. The work’s theme/thesis statement is original, completely developed, clearly articulated, and coherently unites the content. 

2.  Analysis, argument, evaluation, or methods: The work demonstrates original and effective analysis, argumentation, evaluation, critical thinking, and/or the use of appropriate research methods, as applicable to the assignment. 

3.  Structure/organization: The work has a well-crafted structure and organization, including an introduction, body, and discussion/conclusion, as appropriate to the assignment. The work contains effective transitions and/or topic sentences that build upon the central theme or thesis. 

4.  Sources/evidence: The work demonstrates the selection and use of an appropriate quantity and quality of sources, evidence, and/or information as appropriate to the assignment. 

5.  Context and audience: The work is written in a way that is appropriate to the target audience, the purpose of the assignment, and addresses all elements of the assignment with a tone that is appropriate to the assignment. 

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