To what extent did the period jacksonian democracy initiate threats

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se the three primary source documents in the attached packet and Ch 10 in  America: A Narrative History to answer this prompt:

To what extent did the period Jacksonian Democracy initiate threats to the rights of minority groups in America?

      In your answer be sure to address: 1. John C. Calhoun’s concept of the concurrent majority as a way to protect the minority rights of southern slaveholders.  2.  The Cherokee understanding of their national and individual rights, and the ways they were threatened by the majority.  3. Attempts by northern free blacks to retain their right to vote in the face of majority pressure. 

 a well developed discussion post with an introduction that sets up the big issues and ends with a clear argument, and a body paragraph for each of the follow-up questions.  Each body paragraph should have at least one direct quote from the corresponding primary source and one quote from the textbook chapter 10 that relates to the issue along with your reasoning to prove your points. 


When you cite the textbook please use this citation: (America, xx) replace xx with the page number where you found the quote.

 The textbook for the course is Shi, America: A Narrative History, Brief 12th Edition, ISBN: 978-0-393-54337-7 (combined volume).  We use volume 1 in 1301  

When you cite the packet please use this citation: (Voices of Freedom, xx)

1301 Module 3 Discussion Primary Sources.pdfDownload 1301 Module 3 Discussion Primary Sources.pdf

Discussion 3 Worksheet.pdf

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