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Lesson Plan Worksheet #4

Planning a Lecture

Directions: Choose an academic standard within your chosen content area/grade level band.

· Develop a target that would be used for a lecture lesson.

· Identify the Theoretical Framework and Level of Cognitive Demand

· Write a lecture outline to teach this standard to students which includes 3 main topics and each main topic must have at least 3 supporting points.

· Write out questions you would pose to the class to assess their understanding of each main topic.

· Identify graphic organizers or other audio-visual aids that will support your lecture.

· Determine and describe how you will assess your learning target at the end of the lecture?


Teacher Candidate Name:

Date of Lesson:

Franklin U Course:

Lesson Topic:

Grade Level:

Ohio Academic Standard(s)/Content Statement(s): (Page 1-3)

Big Ideas from Unit/Unit Goals: (Page 4)

Essential Question(s): (Page 4)

Measurable Learning Target(s): (Page 5)

Theoretical Framework/Level of Cognitive Demand: (Page 6-8)

Assessment: (Page 9-10)


Formative Assessments

Summative/End of Lesson Assessments

Teaching Model (Page 11-12)

· (What teaching model will you follow when delivering your lesson?)

Materials: (Page 13)

Prior Knowledge: (Page 14)

Body of the Lesson:

I Can Statement (Page 15)

· (Insert I Can Statement(s)/Learning Target(s) to be articulated to the students)

Anticipatory Set (Page 15)

· (Insert Opening activity)

Procedures (Pages 16)

· (How you will implement the lesson step-by-step)

· (Label specific strategies you will use during your lesson)

Closure (Page 16)

· (Check for students’ proficiency of the Measurable Learning Target(s))

Assignments/Individual Practice: (Page 16)

IEP Accommodations/Modifications: (Page 17-18)

Assistive Technology: (Page 17-18)

Universal Design for Learning/Differentiation (Pages 19-21)


Multiple Means of Engagement

Multiple Means of Representation

Multiple Means of Action & Expression


Instructional Strategies (Process)

Student Product


Some in Need of Scaffolds and Support

Most at Expected Level

Few in Need of Challenging Extensions

Student Content

Pre-Assessment & Justification

Lesson Plan Color Coding

Planning and Delivery Courses

Methods Courses

Student Teaching




Teacher Reflective Evaluation:

The following boxes are a pre-writing activity to help you prepare and organize your thoughts for your narrative reflection. This pre-writing activity should be completed shortly after your lesson has been taught and must address what went well and what should be revised.

Teacher: How prepared was I (the teacher) for the lesson concerning my knowledge of the content and understanding of the students?

How effective was my delivery of instruction using my classroom management skills and instructional strategies?

Students: Were the students engaged in the learning process?

How did the students’ maturity, diversity, ability, and motivation affect their engagement?

Content/Subject Matter: Was the content age/ability appropriate?

How were the standards, goals, and targets used to effectively support the lesson and what adjustments might be done?

Environment: Did the classroom environment promote learning?

How did the environment facilitate a perception of safety and a sense of respect amongst classmates to achieve a community of learners?

Updated 8/2022


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