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Leadership is the action of leading a group towards a common goal. Leaders inspire, motivate, and encourage others. The skills leaders must possess to be good leaders are communication, delegation, motivation, creativity, trustworthiness, positivity, accept feedback, commitment, and to be flexible. A quote from John C Maxwell sums up a leader like this, A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

Management is the process of dealing with or controlling things or people. Managers are planners, organizers, and coordinators. Manager approach things more systematically, seeking metrics and tools to measure their progress and adapt their process accordingly. Managers should have these skills to be a good manager: organization, strategic planning, delegation, motivation, interpersonal skills, commercial awareness, strategic thinking, mentoring, and problem solving. 

In my department at work, our nurse manager is always on the floor with us. He helps us when we are short staffed, he always shows up when we have codes, he always tries to get us to be involved with issues on the floor or with the department, he delegates tasks, he has a huddle every day at the end of the shift to go over the day, any issues that have arisen, and any new information that staff needs to know, and staff is allowed to voice our issues or concerns at this time also. The end of shift huddles has been good so that we, as the staff, know what is happening in the hospital, in the department, and any issues that need to be addressed can be addressed. 

Quote from Peter F. Drucker: Management is doing things right: Leadership is doing the right things

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