This week, the subject of your research paper relates to diversity

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This week, the subject of your research paper relates to diversity and inclusion.  The elements you want to include in your paper are the following:

  • Differences between diversity and multiculturalism
  • The dimensions of diversity
  • Embracing diversity versus diversity and inclusion
  • Value/benefit of diversity
  • Challenges with diversity and inclusion measures
  • Steps to building a diverse and inclusive organization and/or solutions to challenges

The topic itself evolves almost as fast as technology, so please keep this in mind as you gather your research and contemplate your approach to your paper.  

The course objectives addressed by this assignment are as follows:

  • Understand the importance of multiculturalism and diversity within organizations.
  • Identify groups protected under the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
  • Discuss ethical issues in HRM.

Things to remember….

  • Remember, this is not an opinion piece but a scholarly work supported with credible references and sources from your research. You are expected to conduct outside research aside from the text.  Remember you are to critically analyze the data you find. It is very important that your critical analysis relate the course content to real-world applications from your work experiences and current events affecting HRM practices.
  • The assignment is due Sunday, 11:59 PM EST
  • Your paper should be submitted as an MS Word attachment in either a .doc, .docx, or .rtf format.
  • Your paper should be a minimum of five (5) full pages of double spaced content in 12-point Time Roman or Arial font. This excludes your title page, abstract, and reference pages.
  • Include a properly formatted APA cover page, an abstract, a properly formatted Introduction and Conclusion, and a minimum of 5 references (with 3 of those being peer-reviewed) to support your work.
  • Merely copying pasting and citing sources does not constitute scholarly writing. You must present ideas and positions and support or refute those arguments with credible references and sources. Direct quotes should support your work and not replace it. You should use direct quotes ONLY:
    • to show that an authority supports your point
    • to present a position or argument to critique or comment on
    • to include especially moving or historically significant language
    • to present a particularly well-stated passage whose meaning would be lost or changed if paraphrased or summarized

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