The strategies used by Apple Inc. and Samsung Essay

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The strategies used by Apple Inc. and Samsung Essay

Apple and Samsung are now on the top of mobile phone industry in the world excluding htc and other smart phone brands. Analyzing the strategies of each company to pick which one is the best in management and also, the way they motivate employees of the companies would be difficult. Those points would be broken down in this essay.

Apple Inc.’s business strategy is more on differentiation. They wanted to be different from the other mobile phone companies. Apple Inc. wanted a different software and hardware products. This is an advantage for Apple as no other companies have their type of software, their focus is to satisfy customers’ need that no other competitors can do and this leads to allowing them to be able to set a higher price for their product.

Samsung Group’s business strategy is more on the cost. Samsung Group was developing low-cost memory chips and LCD displays for colored screen devices. This is when Samsung started to adopt their cost strategy. The company always wanted to be seen as having a low cost for their product in their industry. This is an advantage for them because people who can’t afford Apple would go buy a Samsung product.

Apple’s strengths in the industry would include being one of the first mobile device innovator, they also have good customer service and they have gained brand loyalty in the industry. However, Apple’s weakness is their high-priced products and their different software make it difficult for mobile sharing between non-Apple products.

Samsung’s strengths would of course include their low-priced products and production capital. They have also gained reputation for their brand image. However, the patent infringement reputation would be a weakness for them. Moreover, their variety of products could cause a lack of focus on their products. Furthermore, they do not own their software because android uses Google’s operating system.

Both the company’s products also have more or less same level on their competitive positioning. Apple’s competitiveness would include their different operating system. All of their products, from iPod to iPad to iPhone and their Mac computers are all able to connect with each other through their operating system that have iCloud service. This concept gives able the advantages from customers loyalty as having all Apple products for their electronic devices would make it easier to them to manage their files and for sharing of apple-to-apple devices. While Samsung’s competitiveness in the market would be their low-priced products as more people would be able to afford their products.

Both Apple and Samsung have management teams that specialize in different divisions. They have teams that specialize in new innovation ideas. Apple has a software team, design team and the organizational team that are delegated to create new ideas and to enhance existing products. While Samsung have several companies which specializes in certain products because Samsung sells not only mobile phones and computers but also television and other electronic stuffs.

Both companies also try to provide more for their employees, as they need their employees to always be motivated to work hard. This leads them to innovating ways for them to motivate the employees, usually by welfare and other treats. Most companies like Apple and Samsung share a common trait that employees play a significant role in the business performance. This is why each firm would have different ways in how they would motivate their employees.

Apple Inc. has proved the efficiency in their strategy in worker encouragement. They provided the safety for workers, this includes the development of health and safety standard, also training more employees to identify hazards or providing safety equipment for their employees. Apple also provides a better workplace for their employees including social networks, work group and enhance worker-supervisor relationships. Furthermore, Apple also gives rewards to employees by giving them a recognition bonus salary. Apple’s workers can receive free iPhones for their good work. This improves the efficiency of their work and also leads to increase in employee responsibility.

Samsung Group also provides this kind of welfare to motivate employees. They provide pleasant, healthy and safe working environment also pension and health insurance for their workers. Moreover, same like Apple Inc. they provide bonuses and rewards for their employee’s good performance.

I think that both the companies have good methods for motivating their employees. However, Apple’s strategies have led them to be known and admired as the most innovative in their strategy method.

For the overall of both company’s management and the way they motivate the company, I would say that both are good and at the same level. Both companies have different effective ways in conquering their competitors. Moreover, in making their product different and also how they manage the company. Furthermore, they also have different effective ways on motivating their employees. Therefore, I think their overall are a draw.

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