The pervasiveness of technology in our lives

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This will enable you to understanding the extent to which social media companies have permeated into the lives of citizens, and the commodification of personal data of users of social media platforms.

American pride themselves of their privacy and freedom. But to anyone who is conscious of the advancements in technology, these claims of privacy and freedom are becoming increasingly illusive.

  • Identify and explain 2 of the underlying reasons for the shifts in attitude and tolerance about the invasion of our personal privacies.
  • Identify and explain 2 ways you are under surveillance  by your own technologies that you use routinely. It is important to be specific and precise.
  • To what extent is your awareness of being watched by the technology you use modulating your behavior? Are you conscious of this?  Why, or why not?
  • Research and write about what someone had broadcasted or posted on social media came back to hunt them at a crucial point in their life.

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