The Perception of the Filipino Migrants in Saudi Arabia on the K+12 Initiative in the Philippines sample essay

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K+12 is a 12-year education program recently proposed by the Department of Education. It is a system involving Kindergarten, six years of elementary education, four years of junior high school and the addition of two years senior high school. The program aims to enhance the quality of education and is foreseen to have positive impact on the country’s economy.

Seeing that the K+12 Program is expected to contribute to an accelerated economic growth, the addition of two years senior high school intends to give time for students to consolidate acquired academic skills and competencies granting them a chance to immediately find work or start an entrepreneurial endeavor. It shall provide well-trained and better educated graduates who will have equal opportunities with local or foreign professionals. In Saudi Arabia, there are approximately 1. 5 million Filipino workers sharing a huge part on the national budget through remittances and acquisition of properties and businesses.

Due of the emergent poverty in the Philippines, OFWs with substantial compensation emigrate to the Kingdom with their families compelling the overseas Filipino community to found schools to respond to the educational needs of the children. Currently, there are 24 Filipino schools in the Kingdom, all are privately owned and 10 of which are found in the capital city of Riyadh. DepEd’s mere presentation of the K+12 system has already gained numerous criticisms in the Philippines; thus, identifying the sentiments and determining the acceptance ratio of the program by the Filipino migrants in Saudi Arabia shall be the basis of this study.

Statement of the Problem The problem of this study is: What are the significant effects in implementing the K+12 Program in Filipino schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia? Will the school administrators, teachers and parents of children studying in private schools concur and acknowledge the K+12 Program to be put into operation? Objective The objective of this study is to determine the pros and cons of implementing the K+12 Program in the Filipino schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In effect, it will help ascertain the areas that need improvement in the educational sector of the Filipino community in Saudi Arabia.

Importance One of the actions to be taken by the Department of Education is to launch series of summits to enlighten the public on the K+12 Program. They will solicit inputs and find ways to address the various concerns of the educational sector. Since execution of the program is yet to be discussed with private school association, this research study will be vital to establish the perspective of the Filipino community on the implementation of the program in Filipino schools in Saudi Arabia.

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