The National Association for Business Economics sample essay

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The National Association for Business Economics sample essay

It is an association that brings together various people that pursue a career in business economics. It is an important association that arms the members with the latest data and ideas to enable them make informed decisions and choices in their firms. Students are welcome to join this association through the student chapter. It aids the students by providing them with information regarding their careers. I am a member of the association and I can attest to the fact that they help students expand their social and professional network as well as expanding their knowledge base through mentoring programs.

Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA)

It is an association that brings together a cross section of stakeholders in business ranging from business people, professionals and students among others. I am not a member of this association but I know that it assists students and professional expend their network by introducing them to leading professionals and industrialists.

National Association for the Self-Employed. (NASE)< />

It is an association whose key goal is to assist entrepreneurs in the small and medium levels to find their footing. It provides resources to the members, helping them with logistical and financial support aimed at improving their status in the market field. This organization does not have a student chapter. Students willing to join can only do so as other regular members. I have attended one of their conferences where they reiterated their commitment to helping those in the lower income bracket that had viable ideas and plans.

Association of professional consultant (APC)<

It brings together a large pool of professional consultants who have been in practice for years. This association too does not run a student-mentoring program; it only has a room for established consultants.

Society of Corporate Secretaries and Governance Professionals <>

Formed in 1946, this association currently enjoys a membership of over 3000 members. It focuses on the issue of corporate governance; it offers a variety of services to members, which include networking and technological consultancy. This association does not have a student chapter but students are free to join the mentoring programs where they are given a preference.

American Businesswomen’s Association (ABWA) <http://www.abwa/org>

This is an association that brings together a large number of American women in all the occupations. It seeks to expand the professional network of the members with a hope of expanding their horizon business. This association does not have a student chapter but it holds a number of conferences and seminars for female students hoping to introduce them to professionals in the various fields

American Seminar Leaders Association (ASLA)<

It is an association whose history dates back to 1958. It brings together a large number of professionals in the seminar business, assisting members to market their products effectively. This too does not have a student mentorship program or chapter. Interested students can join up like the other regular members.

Association for Financial Professionals (AFP)<>

It currently has over 14000 members who spread across the various industries. It offers certificates to people that have gone through the relevant training. AFP is one of the many associations that have many advantages to students.

I am a member of AFP, a beneficiary of their offer of free membership to students. Through mentorship programs, it offers students a lot of opportunities, which include networking with the various professionals.

National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA)

It is an association bringing together a number of professionals who are financial advisors. It tends to advocate for high level of ethical and professional services. It does not have a student programs but I have attended a number of conferences and seminars where they emphasize their commitment to providing internship opportunities to students.

American Marketing Association< /

This association enjoys over 38,000 members currently. It pools together marketers giving them a forum where they can network and share ideas. It has a number of chapters that range from collegiate, professionals and the voluntary one. It offers a wide range of services to student. It offers subsidized membership, competition, conferences and seminars all aimed at linking students to other professionals in the marketing field.


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