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Issues on Ethics and Science have always been arguable and debatable, much more so when highly- skilled professionals get involved in the issues. In medical practice and health care delivery, ethics takes center stage.

If I were the queen of the United States and had the absolute power to rule and decide everything in the country, I would be very strict in such a way that I will not tolerate any ethical and social issues like abortions, physician assisted suicides, human cloning, and Stem cell research using human embryos. Aside from their medical and scientific implications, the “legality” and “morality” of such practices are so delicate that I should be keeping track of.

I will emphasize one vital issue in health care for clients, and it is the discernment of the risks involved in the application of medical breakthroughs and execution of research and experimentation like in the case of Stem cell research using human embryos and human cloning. I would warn all health care professionals to not ever do it because I would not want humans to become subjects of it and be exploited. As the mother of the United States, I would not want my countrymen to be experimented. The moment that they will do it either secretly or not, then I will have their license revoked. In the case of abortion, I would not tolerate it. Human life is sacred because conception, from the beginning, already involves the creative action of God.

We owe human life respect and reverence. Human life should be protected and preserved. The sanctity of human life demands that it must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. I would create educational programs that could teach and educate the concern citizens about the disadvantages of abortion. I will emphasize that abortion destroys life and violates the right to life. As such it is morally evil and it should not be in any way legalized and liberally permitted in the laws and constitution of a nation, like in the United States. I would order to spontaneously check each birth centers to see if they are doing abortion in secret or not. I would punish every health professional who will do it, and even imprison them at some point.

Legalizing assisted suicide only legitimizes the use of plastic bags and carbon monoxide to kill vulnerable people. It will only make the health care professionals as “killers” and not as “life savers”. Assisted suicide is not the only way to relive excruciating pain. It is really quite the contrary! Assisted suicide exploits people’s natural fear of suffering and dying. They often claim that without it people will be forced to endure “unbearable pain”. Such claims fail to recognize that virtually all pain can be eliminated or that in those rare cases where it cannot be totally eliminated, it can be reduced significantly if proper treatment is provided.

It is a national and international scandal that so many people do not get adequate pain control. But killing is not the answer to that scandal. The solution is to mandate better education of health care professionals on these crucial issues to expand access to health care, and to inform patients about their rights as consumers.

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